Módulo 7

Fundamental Big Data Engineering

Full-Color Mind Map Poster Supplement(11 in x 17 in / 28 cm x 43 cm)


  • Big Data Engineering – Big Data Engineering Challenges
  • Big Data Storage Terminologies (including sharding, replication, CAP theorem, ACID, BASE)
  • Big Data Storage Requirements
  • On-Disk Storage (including distributed file system – databases)
  • Introduction to NoSQL – NewSQL
  • NoSQL Rationale – Characteristics
  • NoSQL Database Types (including key-value, document, column-family and graph databases)
  • Big Data Processing Requirements
  • Big Data Processing (including batch mode and realtime mode)
  • Introduction to MapReduce for Big Data Processing (batch mode)
  • MapReduce Explained (including map, combine, partition, shuffle and sort, and reduce)

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Date : 04 Jun 2015


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